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My Guide to Recording Audio for Weddings

A guide to how I capture audio when shooting wedding cinematography.

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Sennheiser G3 Review

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Shot and edited by Kraig Adams of

“Shooting The Bride” Wedding Show Web Series


Open Sea Studios, a NYC-based commercial video production company and Kadams Media, a national cinematic wedding filmmaking studio are currently working on a show in development called “Shooting The Bride”.

The show is a docu-style web series for YouTube that follows a team of filmmakers as they shoot, edit and show a same-day-edit during a wedding.  Each episode features a new couple and the details of their wedding from the perspective of the wedding cinema team.  Anyone who enjoys weddings will love this show because it’s almost like a wedding Pinterest feed set in a fun and engaging reality television show structure that follows a team of three characters.  Here is their kickstarter trailer video:

The production is offering a $6,000 wedding film package for free to the pilot couple of the show.  Here is a video explaining who they’re looking for and how to apply:

If this show sounds like something that you’d want to watch please make a contribution using the kickstarter link below.  To apply please email us at and tell us a little about yourself and  your wedding.  Thank you for all of your support and for checking out the project!


NO MORE DVDS! – A Guide to Digital Delivery

I recently had the joy of attending Taryn Pollock’s presentation at InFocus 2014 in New Orleans.  Every wedding cinematographer should make the switch to digital delivery.  It is easier, faster and looks so much better!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

She explained how simple and beautiful it was to switch completely to digital delivery for your weddings and here’s what I learned:


1. Lux Boxes from are excellent to use.

2. is a great place to get a bunch of boxes in bulk.

3. Get crinkle paper from

4. Include a packet of popcorn and a candy bar, super cheap but makes the couple love their little premiere.

Here is an audio recording of her presentation (please excuse the TERRIBLE quality, I put the zoom h1 right by the projector fan not even thinking):

Click here to download the .MP3 file of her presentation

For those of you asking, “What can I give or tell my couples about this transition to help them watch their films and help them understand how AWESOME this change is?” Well I’m glad you asked because here is a wonderful selection of information from Meg Simone:


Okay so what to do with your Thumb Drive when you receive it…. You plug it into your computer and drop the files into iTunes. They are set up to open automatically there. Here are the things that you can do with this little baby….
1. Load the files onto your smart phone, iPad, wedding website or Facebook
2. You can copy this Thumb Drive as many times as you want for family and friends who want to see your film and have a copy.
3. You can also copy it in multiple places to make sure that the files are safe just in case something happens to your computer.
4. If you have a newer TV you can plug the Thumb Drive right into your TV and watch your film on the big screen.
5. If you decide that you want DVD’s you can burn your own and as many as you want. If you are a Mac user we recommend using iDVD.
6. If you want DVD’s but don’t have a Mac you can take your Thumb Drive to they are located in Mesa and they can build and burn DVD’s for you.

Here are more detailed instructions for use on a Mac or PC:

To play the HD .mp4 wedding files on a MAC:
1. Put the USB in your computer.
2. Copy the files from the USB to the Hard Drive.
3. Once the files are on your computers hard drive, double click on them and they should open with iTunes or Quick Time, or they may play right in your “finder” window.
4. You can load the files onto your iPad, Facebook or Smartphone too!

To play the HD wedding files on a PC:
1. Follow the same directions above.
2. If the file is not recognized by your computer, you can get a free trial of Macdrive that is good for 5 days. It will allow a PC to recognize files created on a MAC.
3. You will also need to download a decoder to read the files, since they are a Apple files:
4. You must be running Windows XP (SP2) or later to install.
5. With these two programs, you will be able to open up and watch your files on your PC.

Ways to stream this to your TV (you may need to google FMI):
• Western Digital HD TV – a device that allows you to stream HD files to your TV as well as photos and music. I am of course, an Apple TV fan. ($99)
• Apple TV –
• Roku –
• Sync the files on your hard drive with your iPad or tablet device.
• Put USB thumb drive right into your TV (newer models)


Check out Taryn Pollock’s wedding cinema website at Serendipity Cinema
Also check out the amazing work by Meg Simone at here WEBSITE

InFocus is also something you should check out HERE


Josiah Moore – Wedding Photoshop Expert

You’ve probably seen at least one of his wedding photoshop images on the web somewhere. His name is Josiah Moore and he’s a good photographer/filmmaker friend from Rochester, NY. Check out his work:

First he photoshopped his own wedding. Numerous internet blogs picked it up and the photo and behind the scenes video spread like wildfire. This image was even featured on

Here is the behind the scenes video on how he made the image.

It was even featured on the TV Pilot for SyFy’s new show Bitten.


Next he photoshopped on of his wedding couples into an epic high-speed car chase. He was again featured on for his work.

Here is the behind the scenes video on how he made the image. Notice how simple the actual shot of the couple and their car is? Insane talent to make this one.

I’ve worked with Josiah on a number of his shoots and he’s helped me out with a few of my own. He’s a great guy and is still living in Rochester so if you need a creative wedding photo or any video work give him a call. Also I must add that he is probably the tallest dude around. Follow his work below:

Josiahx YouTube ChannelJosiahx Facebook Page